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Dog Photography - tips to get the best out of your session

Updated: Feb 6

a black and tan dog wearing a blue harness looks out toards views of mountains and countryside in the Peak District

Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a dog lover. Everyone who meets me will know it within five minutes. Apologies in advance if (when) I whip my phone out to show you photos of my dog.

I love dog photography and I think it’s fair to say dog photoshoots are one of my favourite sessions that I offer, but that doesn’t mean they come without their challenges...

So, let’s go through a few tips that will assist in getting some great shots of your furry bestie that you can cherish forever.

1 – Introductions

I have a nervous rescue dog (that's him below) so I know not all dogs will be ok with or excited about being approached by a stranger, let alone one waving a camera around. Before I start a session I’ll let you bring your dog to me and have a sniff. If you’ve told me they can be nervous or I can sense they might be nervous, I’ll keep quiet and let them suss me out. Once all sniffs are complete and we’ve made friends, we’ll start the session.

a black and tan medium sized dog looks happy with mouth open as he stands on a cliff in the peak district. He is wearing a blue harness and his owner's walking boots can be seen to the right side of the image. He is surrounded by purple heather and rocks.

2 – Treats/Toys

Dogs love treats. They love being rewarded with treats or their favourite toy. So it's always a good idea to bring your pet’s favourite snack and/or toy with you to your shoot. They’re helpful for grabbing your dog’s attention so they stay still long enough to be able to get some lovely shots. If they know any tricks, even better!

a cream cockapoo called Alfie sits happily next to a big basket of dog toys. He is sat on a wooden floor in the white kitchen.

3 – Energetic Dogs

I’m all for the PAWsitive energy but if your dog will think the photoshoot is their time for walkies and will be full of uncontrollable energy, it’s a good idea to walk them beforehand. Not to the point where they’re too tired but enough so we can still engage their attention without them doing zoomies for the full session.

A fox red labrador, Luna runs after her tennis ball in wooded area. She is surrounded by green trees and mud.

4 – Other Dogs

If you’re worried about your dog coming into contact with other dogs or they can’t be off lead for whatever reason, I’d recommend booking into your local dog field. You can usually hire them out for half an hour at a time. You’ll have peace of mind that your dog is secure meaning we can get some off lead photos, and you won’t come into contact with any other dogs or people.

A small, cream, fluffy dog runs towards the camera with his ear blowing back in the wind. Behind him is a wooden dog agility table and lots of green vibrant grass and trees.

If you have any questions about attending a pet photoshoot, you can contact me via email or by filling out an enquiry form.

If you're here to see cute dog pics, you can view my pet portfolio here.

A black and tan dog sits on a wooden table. He is looking to the side with his mouth open and teeth on show. Behind him you can see a field of green grass and trees.

I can’t wait to meet you and your four legged friend!


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