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South Yorkshire Photographer, Gift Vouchers: 5 reasons to create lasting memories...

Updated: Jan 9

Hi, I'm Sophie - a South Yorkshire Photographer and I’ll be honest, buying gifts is not my strong point. I almost always buy experiences and vouchers for my family and friends because it’s more fun to do something, right? So let's look at 5 reasons why my South Yorkshire Photographer Gift Vouchers for photoshoots make a great gift!

1 - Experiences over things

Let’s shift the focus from material things to experiences. A photoshoot is an experience. It’s a chance to get dressed up, head to a lovely location and have some fun with your loved ones.

an engaged couple sit on a log in the woods at Cusworth Hall Doncaster smiling off in to the distance. They are wearing black jeans and brown jumpers with the green of the leaves behind them. Lee wears a silver metal watch on his wrist.

2 - Photoshoots create memories

Nicely following on from above, experiences create memories. And photos create memories to look back on for years to come. I absolutely love looking back at old photos and being able to relive the day.

Sarah and Daniel stand on a wooden bridge at Cusworth Hall Doncaster with their new cocker spaniel puppy. They smile at the camera with the puppy held in their arms in the middle of them both. There are trees and leaves in the background and foreground of this black & white image.

3 - To celebrate milestones

Photos document milestones throughout a lifetime; be it an engagement, a pregnancy or a new puppy. Whatever the reason for your photoshoot, you’ll have the photos to cherish forever.

A young engaged couple sit in the woods in Doncaster, Alex has her hand on Nate's leg showing off her vintage engagement ring. Alex wears a pink pattern dress and Nate is wearing dark jeans and a sky blue coloured shirt with his watch on display.

4 - It's unique

Every photoshoot is unique. It’s unique to me as the photographer as well as unique to the recipient. I like to work with you to organise a shoot that’s tailored just for you. If you’ve got a location in mind that means something to you, let me know and if we can make it work, we will!

Red is looking at his owner holding dog treats in her hands. Red is a medium sized short haired brown rescue dog sat in the woods at Cusworth Hall Doncaster. Alicia, his owner, is wearing an orange coloured Mac coat and a checked scarf around her neck. Her silver rings glisten on her fingers.

5 - No wrapping required for my South Yorkshire Photographer Gift Vouchers!

You don’t need to waste time wrapping. I’m awful at wrapping gifts (I’m a gift bag gal). You don’t need to wrap a gift voucher, you can even send it digitally if you like!

Sound good? Gift vouchers* can be purchased and used towards all of my packages. Fill out the contact form here to purchase yours!

*Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase


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