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Outfit Guide - what to wear to your photoshoot

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Ok, let's pick your outfit! Here’s a few tips to try and take the pressure off...

a young man and woman stand side ways on each kissing the cheek of a cocker spaniel puppy. Behind them there are green trees and bushes.

Before getting into the body of this blog, I want to make it clear I’m all for individualism and people expressing who they are through their clothing, make up etc… If this is you, fantastic! If not, hopefully these pointers will help guide you with your styling.

Colours & logos

Solid colours are your friend. Think neutrals or jewel tones (emerald, ruby, sapphire) – they flatter most skin tones and go with everything. Avoid overly bright, neon colours – these don’t always photograph well and can reflect badly on faces. I’m all for a pretty floral dress though…

If you’re having a couples or group shoot, it's a good idea to co-ordinate your outfits but there’s no need to match perfectly. Similar tones are effective in making the subject (you) pop and highlight you as the focal point of the image.

I would advise you to avoid wearing clothing with logos or slogans. You may love that brand now but you might not feel the same about it in a few years.

a female and male face each other and look into each other's eyes. They are stood in the woods wearing a red shirt and a brown fluffy coat.

Dress for the season & weather

If you’ve booked a winter shoot, it doesn’t make sense to rock up in a mini dress and sandals (unless you want to. You do you…). But you’ll likely be cold and unable to relax and enjoy your session. If you think you’re going to be cold, bring a jumper or jacket. And if it’s a hot day, wear something loose and floaty.

For Autumn woodland sessions (mmm, dreamy) think of those orange/brown tones and how the colours in your outfit can compliment the woodland setting – it’ll look gorgeous!

a young boy stands in the wood, it is autumn and the leaves are orange and brown. He is wearing a green coat and smiling. he holds a stick in his right hand


Jewellery is a great way of adding your personality to your images, so think about how you can incorporate your favourite pieces into your outfit. I love a good detail shot so if I spy some statement earrings or your beautiful engagement ring, I WILL be getting up close and personal to snap them.

a engaged couple sit on a log in the woods. the woman's hand is resting on her boyfriend's knee showing off her vintage diamond engagement ring.  She is wearing a pink pattern dress and he is wearing a blue shirt with his watch on show.

Think Comfort

Wear something comfortable. Chances are we’ll be walking around your chosen location. You might be stood up one minute and sat down the next, so you want to be wearing clothing that moves with you and doesn’t make you feel restricted.

an expectant mother stands beside a tree holding her baby bump. she has long brown hair and is wearing a floral, floaty dress and is looking off to the side.

Be You

Lastly, be yourself. These are your photos so think about how your outfit can reflect who you are as a person. If you’re happy with what you’re wearing and you feel amazing, it will shine through in your images. I want you to love your photos and have them as memories to look back on for years to come.

two young women stand against a sandy colour brick wall. They both have long dark hair and are wearing white dresses. They are both laughing.


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